Friday, 28 October 2016

MAS is a name you can trust for all your mortgage queries

Are you in need of the best mortgage advice?  Well, we have solutions for you. The Mortgage Advice Services Company gives our customer the best advice ever. We have been offering mortgage services since 2009. Since then, we have not gone without gone without finding a solution to our customer's needs. All our consultants are qualified professionals. Our consultants provide advice on insurance all the protection and equity release, ensuring a safer future for your family. We are dedicated tour customers financial health.
Remortgaging Your Home
We take pride in providing high-quality mortgage advice together with best services to our customers. If you are in need of the best mortgage advice and services, contact our specialist for free. There are no mortgage quotations or obligations today.  We search the whole market in the UK to ensure you get the best deal for your needs. If you require remortgaging for the best rates or to pay off debts, raise capital or any remortgage needs- we can give a solution.  Our services will provide an indication of the rates and mortgages available to you. Our most competitively priced commodity on the market is our home Insurance. It offers high-level cover for you at a very competitive premium. The home assurance is beneficial in the following ways; it offers personal home assurance, no admin fees in case you need to make changes in your policy and no additional fees.  We also have experienced life assurance advisers. They can help you on how to plan your future with different life assurance policies that will enable to meet your individual requirements. We take financial protection seriously. We ensure that you the best deal and cover for your home.  Choosing Mortgage Advice Services for life assurance is accredited to benefits such as; personal life assurance adviser, full advice, recommendation and removal of all additional fees.
The Best Remortgage Rates
Sometimes, it is difficult to know where to get the best remortgage rates with the widened mortgage market. Remortgage rates change from broker to another due to different individual circumstances. But using us as your broker, you can be assured to get the best product for your situation. We offer you with a personal adviser who will explain all the conditions of every mortgage rate.  We ensure that you properly understand the remortgage rates and offer further guidance if need be.
 Estate Planning and will
We offer complete estate planning solutions. We offer you the advice you require to make sure that your estate is properly managed.  We also give advice on the timely writing of a comprehensive, well-written will. The biggest costs a landlord incurred a mortgage. Therefore, to cut these costs use us as your broker to have peace of mind. 
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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Why do I need life insurance?

Life insurance is used for providing funds to the surviving family members in case of your death. However, the family can also use it to pay off any debt. This may include the decedent’s final expenses payments including unpaid medical bills, funeral debts and repaying any mortgage. Some other benefits of a life insurance policy include funding the future education expenses for children and grandchildren of the insured. With the ever-rising university tuition cost, you can rely on a life insurance to keep your promise to your loved ones. Some other reasons people go for Nottinghamlife insurance policies include:

-    Helps in paying amounts due on estate taxes
Life insurance also helps in paying the amount due on estate taxes upon death. This prevents the deceased’s loved ones from selling important assets below the market value to raise the needed funds. Readily available cash through a life insurance policy will rectify such a situation and leave the family properties and any other important asset intact. 

-    Help to equal out inheritances 
Another great benefit of the insurance policies is that they help in equalling out inheritances. A quick example: if a person has two children but wishes to leave the home to one child, he may purchase a life insurance in the name of the second child as the policy’s beneficiary and an amount equal to the home value. If you are involved with a particular charity, purchasing a life insurance policy with its name as the beneficiary may be important. 

-    Insure your future insurability 
Apart from different cash needs, there are other reasons why people consider life insurance policies. One of these reasons is to insure future insurability. For instance, if an individual is currently healthy, but there are various medical conditions running in the family history, then they may buy a Nottingham life insurance policy. This way, the insurance policy will be in place before possibility of contracting a health complication that may render them uninsurable later in life. 

-    Will help keep your business running
The insurance policies also have several business purposes. Some employers will offer it as an employee benefit. In such situations, the employee names a person of their choice as the beneficiary. If you are a business owner, life insurance can play a primary role in the continuity of your business. You can use it to finance a buy/sell agreement which entails the owners or partners of a company buying the life insurance on one another’s lives. If one of the partner’s or owners dies, the others can use the proceeds to keep the business running. Sole proprietors can also use life insurance as a continuation plan for their business. 

With Nottingham life insurance advice, you will be able to select the best policy within the UK. You can call us today or visit our website at any time for the best services

Monday, 24 October 2016

What rates and fees do I need to consider when it comes to a remortgage?

Perhaps you are in need of money to finance your business or to purchase a property.

When it comes to remortgaging, there are various involved fees and rates. Therefore, if remortgaging is the best option, knowing all the involved costs is important. Some of the costs to expect are:
-          Earlier repayment charge
Whenever you leave your current deal you have to incur this type of cost. The penalty applies when you repay a mortgage earlier than expected or you overpay more than allowed within a tie-in period.  With the penalty, lenders are able to recoup some of the interest they will lose.
-          Exit fee
This is another type of remortgaging fee associated with leaving the initial deal. Also known as admin charge or deeds release fee, it is a payment for the current lender to forward on the title deeds to the solicitor. You will have the option of paying it upfront after you have set up the mortgage or when leaving the mortgage. You will not be paying any interest on this charge and therefore paying it at the end is better.
-          The  remortgage arrangement fees
This is one of the fees to expect when remortgaging your property. Some years ago, the cost covered the administration costs of the lender. But today it is a primary part of remortgage costs along with interest rate. It is a product fee even though some lenders call it the application fee or booking fee. Always remember to look at this fee when remortgaging.
-          Hidden fees
Did you know that most lenders impose over 40 different charges? As a result, the borrower goes through a hard time trying to figure out exactly what they are paying. Lack of clearness around the charges, which include the lesser known costs like final payment fees and arrears fees make them hard to spot. Some lenders will use a different name for the same charge and therefore an application fee may be stated as a reservation fee or an application fee. And lenders are more likely to hit you with more.
-          Some other costs
Some other charges may add several pounds to the total remortgaging costs. You might need to pay legal costs and valuation fees. Your current lender is more likely to charge you a fee if you decide to remortgage elsewhere.

With Nottingham re-mortgage advice you will be able to track down all the involved fees and rates. Whether you are looking for a remortgage to finance your business or to buy a property we will help you choose the best lender. Almost every lender you approach will convince you that they are offering the best deal and therefore getting one that meets your needs becomes hard. We have helped many individuals get the best lenders. Contact us today for re-mortgaging advice

Thursday, 20 October 2016

How many times can I re-mortgage a property?

There are many reasons that may require you to remortgage your property some of which include; a better rate, to raise capital, pay off your debts or release equity among others. Mortgage Advice Services understand all these needs and therefore uniquely qualified to help you achieve your remortgage needs. They are known for best mortgage advice as well as a superb service to their customers. 

When it comes to remortgaging, you can remortgage as many times as possible. This process can be complicated, and that is why Mortgage Advice Services is dedicated to helping you make an informed decision by providing remortgage advice that will help you make an informed decision.  Having been in existence since 2009, Mortgage Advice Services has provided their customers with the best Mortgage Advice available. They are fully dedicated to the financial health of their customers.

Mortgage Advice Services takes pride as the best Nottinghamre-mortgage advice center. It has a team of qualified and trained professionals who help you every step of the way during and after the remortgaging process. With so many lenders available in the market, it can be confusing as o which lender to get into business with.  Mortgage Advice services is helpful with this as they will provide you with a personally trained consultant who is helpful.
Getting multiple mortgages can be tricky. There are rules put in place to ensure that you qualify for these. These rules include: 
•    You can afford a new mortgage in addition to the other existing mortgages- This enables the lender to know that the properties you have are sufficient enough to cover a new mortgage.
•    Ensure you are credit worthy regarding score- This ascertains your credit issues in the past hence proving you are trustworthy. This enables lenders to offer more flexible policy while still offering affordable rates.
•    Ensure the risk and exposure is not too high- some lenders will limit their exposure to risk by limiting the number of mortgages a single borrower can get with them.
•    Ensure you are buying with the right intent- Lenders have strictly enforced this as many borrowers may buy properties on residential mortgages with the intention of letting it out from the first day.
Putting into consideration all the rules on remortgaging, Mortgage Advice Services has all the solutions to guide you by offering the best remortgage advice possible. By using Mortgage Advice Services, you will have peace of mind since you will get the most ideal mortgage rates possible in the market. This is attributed to the fact that they will search the whole US market to get the best deal that suits your individual need.

For any inquiries or more information, kindly contact on 01332 257087 or visit their website

Monday, 17 October 2016

Worried about taking out a loan and getting into debt? MAS can advice you through the process

Before signing up for a bank loan, a credit card, a store card or even adding to your existing loan or card, talk to a professional who can give you sound loan advice. With rising bills and economic uncertainty, most people choose loans to cover the costs. It is important you ask yourself whether spending the money is important if there are other ways of financing your purchase and whether you will afford to pay back that money you are planning to borrow.

Why most people are worried about taking out a loan
Most people believe on avoiding loans at all costs. Possibly, this is something they learned from their school books or advice of their elders or parents. For a larger part, the advice is true. The fact that you don’t owe anyone money will provide you the peace of mind you need. Many debts can damage your relationships, give you anxieties and even jeopardize your plans.
Totally avoiding loans may also backfire. Individuals who are too afraid of taking up loans are always giving up on opportunities for bigger things. At times, avoiding a loan can lead you to lose more money. Debts aren’t evil!

However, circumstances that surround them can be painful. But did you know that a properly planned loan can be helpful? With Nottingham loan advice services from Mortgage Advice Services you will be able to get the best loans and also use it to achieve your aspirations. Some of the advice we provide to our clients include:
-    Paying a loan and living within personal means
The regular source of income should cover the loan’s payoff monthly cost in addition to the expenses and savings budget. But if you are lacking a steady stream of income you might get into problems after taking up the loan. In such cases, borrowing money might be a way of checking you’re spending or saving habits.
-    How a loan can help you gain more
Perhaps, you are looking for money to expand your business. After expanding the business, you are more likely to get more profits. Also, taking a class may help you land a better career opportunity or a better paying job. In this case, a loan will be worth it as it will help you increase your income. Before taking out a loan, you should be sure that you have a more reliable and secure source of finance.
-    Getting a reliable lender
Avoid taking up a loan with any company that guarantees instant cash. The problem with such lenders is that their payment schemes may not be flexible. They may also charge higher interest rates or include hidden charges.

Before selecting a lender, consider having a thorough conversation with our advisors to be certain that you are ready to take up a loan. Call us today for help or visit our website

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Professional impartial loans advice from MAS

There are various reasons why people borrow money from commercial banks. For any person, borrowing money is expensive and can also increase risks in addition to the risk of enterprise they are currently undertaking; money borrowing will introduce another risk level to the business. This is the main reason why people fear taking up loans. However, debt is a major source of finance for businesses and individuals. Here are some of the reasons people go for them:
-          To expand operations or purchase real estate
Banks are more likely to lend money to an existing firm that want to buy real estate to expand operations. A bank will interpret a firm that is expanding as successful and will be willing to help them do whatever they are doing. Typically, expansion only happens when a firm is turning positive cash flow and has positive future forecasts. With such a scenario a bank will most likely approve your loan. Real estate loans are usually in the form of mortgages.
-          To buy equipment
When it comes to equipment acquisition, businesses have various choices. They can choose to lease or purchase one. However, there are several good reasons why taking out a loan to buy equipment is a better choice. You can use the equipment for its useful life and sell it later at a salvage value or take up a tax write off in the first year and then depreciate the equipment over its useful life. With Nottingham loan advice services, you will know whether taking a loan to finance equipment is the best option.
-          To purchase inventory for their business
Banks make loans to businesses to buy inventory. There are businesses which are seasonal in nature especially retail businesses. If your business makes a large percentage of its sales in the holiday seasons, you can purchase additional inventory to prepare for that time. Loans to finance inventory purchase are short term in nature and businesses will use the proceeds from the sales to repay them.
-          To increase the working capital
Working capital is the amount businesses use to run their day to day operations. A small business will sometimes need a loan to meet its daily operations needs until earning assets are enough to cover the working capital needs. Banks will offer short term loans to businesses as a way of helping them grow. While the business’s earnings increase, they are able to repay the loan. A working capital loan may have higher interest rates than other types of loans which include real estate loans.

Before you opt for a loan to finance your investment, you should look for loan advice. Nottingham loan advice services will help you identify the best loan for your business. The advisors will also help you utilize the money in the best way possible. You can call them today or visit their website for financial help:

Monday, 10 October 2016

What will planning my estate involve?

Many people assume that they don’t have an estate and so fail to prepare for what will happen in the event of their passing. Nearly everyone has an estate. An estate is anything that you own; a home, a car, a business, bank accounts, insurance and so on. It is very important for you to do estate planning – this means legally determining who gets your possessions when you die. If you die without a will your loved ones may end up fighting over whatever you leave or it may end up being taken by the government.

If you live in Nottingham one of the best companies that you can hire to help you with estate planning is Mortgage Advice Services. They have a team of skilled lawyers who are experts in these matters. Here is what they will do for you:

•    Advice in preparing your Will(s)

•    Unlimited Will re-writes for life

•    The Option to take a Guaranteed Probate Charge of just 1%

•    Will storage for life in a Solicitor’s secure vault

•    A Living Will that can be lodged with your GP

•    Severance of Tenancy for sound estate planning

•    A Property Protection Trust and/or Discretionary Trust which enables you to decide what happens to your assets

•    A review every three years to ensure your Will remains accurate and up-to-date

•    Inheritance Tax Advice to ensure your family’s inheritance is protected

•    Estate Planning Advice to help you make informed decisions

•    Free advice for your chosen executor(s)

You may be wondering why you should choose Mortgage Advice Services – why, for example, can’t you find a lawyer to do your will for you? The reason why MAS come recommended is because they have expert will writers – professionals who do nothing but prepare wills for clients. This way, you can be sure that no mistakes will be made – remember, the rules of planning a will are determined not by you or by them but by the government. If even a tiny detail is wrong it can cause massive problems after your death.

Another commonly asked questions when it comes to wills is what happens if you dies without them. As already mentioned, it can cause problems for your loved ones but it can also for anything that you own to be taken by the government. There are several other scenarios too and these can be explained by an expert at Mortgage Advice Services.

However few your possessions you want to be the one to dictate what happens to then after you pass on. You should look into estate planning immediately by contacting Mortgage Advice Services. One of their experts will explain to you the best way to go about everything. You can find out more on their website,